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Old February 5th, 2023, 09:53 PM   #226
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Old February 6th, 2023, 02:41 PM   #227
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I am done with the simulation program in do-more designer. I coded all of the push buttons and hmi_messages and see them turn on and off inside of the data view. Everything works as planned in the simulation.
Now I am ready to build the hmi, with the free c-more programming software. One question, am I able to simulate the hmi connected to the do-more simulation? Or do I just have to hope that it works and test it out when I order the PLC?
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Old February 20th, 2023, 08:55 AM   #228
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@parky @drbitboy, after weeks of making a simulation program in do-more and making sure everything will work if this was implemented on a real device (Meaning that the Ip signal and the valves open and all close when they should) I made the "final" program without the test parts. I then made the same program inside of click programming tool since do more programming tools had some differences, like the timers and leading-edge bits cannot be inside a sub-routine, so all of the timer and 1second clocks all had to go inside of the main program.

After making these programs I went back and edited the original in the do-more designer program to be a manual dump relief valve. All I did was delete the automated water relief valve and replaced it with a message. When the pump is ready to get to sp a message is sent to the hmi to close the relief, once the operator has closed the relief valve they will press "done" on the hmi message, then the pressure from the water supply will fill the system and once the psi is constant, the pump will start at its initial psi and then start pumping to sp.
Same thing when the system wants to depressurize, it displays an "open relief valve" message and once the operator opens the valve the psi in the system will start dropping automatically, after the operator opens the relief valve, they will press done on the hmi open relief valve message and the system will be done and will display a state, saying if it's done, failed, error, etc.
I then made this same program into the click program, and I went through and tried to debug as much as I could. I ran the automated dump valve program and the manual dump valve program in do-more designer simulator many times to check if there are any bugs, all of the safety features work for example, when over pressurizes, test time errors happen, hmi value errors happen, or max times happen, they all go to their specific state and the system stops sending signals.

Here are the programs, you can check them out yourself in the simulator. If you want to test it out, make sure you have variables (HMI_PB_Start, HMI_PB_STOPALL, HMI_Pressure_SP, HmiPreTestMaxsec, PostTestMaxSec, HMI_Test_Max_sec, HMI_Test_Min_sec, HMI_test_tim_se, Closerelief_mess, HmiReliefClosePB, Openrelief_mess, HmiReliefOpenPB). Use all of these to manipulate the program, make sure to type in the pressure sp and max/min times, some errors arise because of the values input into the hmi are incorrect (meaning for example, test time min is less than test time) make sure to have the Test_vessel_psi displayed if you want to pressure go up and down. Let me know if you have any questions or problems.

My next step is to double and triple check with my boss then I will start to order all of the parts necessary.
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