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Originally Posted by ASF View Post
FTView SE has a command to flush the cache which you can attach to a button, a macro, or just about anything else you can think of. I've used it, and it works - for what I wanted to do
That only flushes the active display cache on the client it is issued from. It can't do anything about the historical log cache, or the real time data server cache's, which do have to be deleted manually when the server is completely shut down if (when) they become corrupt.

It is frustrating enough for me, that I have a batch file using the command line service control interface (sc) to stop and set to Disabled all Rockwell services. Then I can go delete the caches, run another batch to restore the services to normal operation, and reboot.

sc stop SomeRockwellService
sc config SomeRockwellService start= disabled
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