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Originally Posted by dmroeder View Post
Hopefully I'm not repeating myself. We have a couple of these RS485 adapters, which we use to write parameters to PowerFlex 523/525's when we commission them (DSI port). We use python and minimalmodbus.

Basically, we create a text file for each drive with the parameters we want to write, it takes a couple of seconds per drive to write the parameters. With 525's, we just write the IP address, then download the rest of the parameters via LogixDesigner. Way faster than any other method to set the addresses.
sweet. I've used one of those adapters to communicate with electrolab sensors using puTTY. and I was considering Hacking an RJ45 onto the end of it to use with SMC controllers, just haven't tested it yet.

I'd be interested to see what your code looks like, I've only just been introduced to python. I didn't know powerflex used rs485 through the dsi port.
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