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Originally Posted by gtsuport View Post
Awesome! Glad you got it going.
As was stated previously, I would look into thinking about upgrading the PLC.

The Omron CP1L-M60DR-A or D should be the replacement.
If you have the program in Syswin, you could change the processor type to CPM2, save the program then import into CX-Programmer.
Then you could change the processor to CP1L-M.
You will need to re-address Inputs and Outputs, but the code would be good.
Then you would have a complete program for the new PLC series.
C60K processors will be hard to get at some point.


Your organization dodged a bullet and you are a superstar (never mind the help you got from here; you were humble enough to say "I don't know" and ask, which is the most crucial step of all learning). You have no idea how long that used replacement PLC will last.

If management will not listen, do it yourself with a Click or other low-cost alternative in your spare time, then when it dies next time quit and bid 10k$ to fix it, then use that money to search for a job where you are appreciated.
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