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I was offered that Siemens kit (or one similar) not too long ago with a half day training class for $269. Check the local suppliers like AB, Siemens etc for seminars/classes with a plc kit included. This route may cost more and may not BUT it will also give you a connection to people that are familiar with and/or program plc's.

If you can get in with the right Siemens person they also offer a Step by Step tutorial CD rom that will assist with alot of the basic training. These links are to the primer for the S7-200 starter kit.

As was stated AB offers a 10 point Micrologix with free software for $99 but I think you still have to obtain or make a cable, it uses the 8 pin mini din cable 1761-CBL-PM02. This link will show you Micrologix:

IF you can obtain a GE Fanuc 90-30 or 90-70 you can get working demo versions of LM90 from the GE site, these are dos based programs

Fuji Electric offers a small plc (as low as $81) with free software. The cable is extra but I think you may be able to make one. You have to email them for a password to download the software but it only takes a day (at least for me thats all it took.

I cant leave our old friend Stephen out of this. Entertron sells plc's with free software. I am not sure of the pricing but I think it compares with most.

If you run across a Modicon PLC then you can get a working demo of ProWorx 32 thats limited to 25 rungs of ladder

That should be a start, hope it helps

Merry Christmas
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